Should You Start a Blog?

Over-saturated. You’ve heard it a million times about a million things.

I’ma tell you a secret: nothing is really over-saturated. No market, no area of expertise. What people really mean when they say that, probably without realizing it, is there is an overabundance of average-ness in a particular space. It’s not about what you do, its how you do it.

Blogging has changed since it’s beginnings, but will probably never go away.

Blogging is just writing. There’s nothing gimmicky or or trendy about it. When new places to write are created, people start writing there. Stone tablets, then paper, then the printing press, blah, blah, blah, here we are. And there will always be people who read, despite the hysteria that we will all become content zombies with screens fixed to our heads. 

Yes, there are more blogs than ever before and that number will continue to grow.

I like to think of blogging like television. People still want to watch episodic content, just not at a set time and place every week. There are options, way too many options, maybe. You really can’t say you don’t like TV in this day and age. You can be the most unique person on this planet and there’s a show out there for you. Each show might have much smaller audience then popular shows did back in the day, but you only need a relative handful of “true fans” for something to be a success.

Blogging is similar to TV, in that there are a ton of blogs out there, and a lot of them aren’t great, but if you can tap into a niche and find a handful of dedicated fans, you can find success. Of course, I don’t know this from personal experience, but it’s something I’ve observed.

If you’re passionate about something, and good at it (that seems to be the winning combination), you can carve out a space for sharing what you love.

If you’re on the fence about starting a blog, give it a try! The cost of failing is very low, and you might get a lot of personal development and fulfillment out of it.

2 thoughts on “Should You Start a Blog?

  1. 🙂 If blogging was dead, businesses would not add a blog to their website.

    Blogging will be around for a very long time to come.

    Thank you for posting a lovely topic (One that a lot of WordPress bloggers can relate to).


    1. Thank you for your comment! I changed the title to “Should You Start a Blog?”, because, like you pointed out, blogging is obviously not “dead”, but many people feel they can’t start one because they have little to no chance of being successful.

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