New Direction

I think about this blog a lot, despite the evidence to the contrary.

I’m still writing my book, slowly but surely making progress.

Problem is, I don’t have much to say about writing, but I still want to write for this blog.

For years, I’ve been trying to find one hobby/passion to focus on. I’ve only managed to narrow it down to about three main things, and I’m always finding something new to try.

Instead of completely ditching this blog, I’m going to broaden the scope of what I write about. The main focus will be art/creative pursuits. I paint, write, and make jewelry primarily. Beyond that, there are tons of creative things I like to dabble in. I can’t pick just one, or two…or five.

What if I stopped fighting myself? What if I wrote about what I wanted to, regardless of marketability? What if I gave in to my tendency to switch focus every couple of weeks?

If you’re interested in my new direction, stay tuned! I hope you enjoy what I do.