Art Thursday

My new blogging schedule (until I change my mind, cause I’m the worst) is: something about writing on Tuesdays, and art/crafts post on Thursdays.

Because I haven’t actually shown any of my art of this blog yet (besides that rainbow eye in my header), I’m showing you some of my older paintings today. I figured it would be a good idea to show my older art first, so you can see the progression. The paintings below were painted in 2014-ish, so they aren’t super old. I’ll save the older, more embarrassing stuff for an inspirational post.

The first two paintings encompass my style pretty well. If you follow my art, you’ll be seeing a lot of big eyed cartoon-ish characters with blank expressions. Plus flowers, and an occasional animal, like in the third painting.

After I finish the series of paintings I’m working on now, I’m going to start an art Instagram, I’ll share that here once its up. I don’t think I’ll be showing my paintings in individual posts like this much in the future, I’ll add a gallery page to this website, and the Thursday posts will be more about process than showing a finished product.