We all experience envy.

I deleted my Facebook because of it. I carefully curate my Instagram feed because of it.

You see the way someone else looks, what they have, what they’ve achieved, and you think some version of, “why not me?”

Like I said, we ALL experience envy. Envy will pop into your head just like any other stupid thought. It’s what you DO with that thought that matters. Don’t share your thoughts with a friend nearby, don’t write them in a journal, shun them and show them the door.

Envy is evil.

Envy does not have any positive applications. Envy does not encourage you to be better. Admiration does that. Admiration gives you a sense of hope for the future and pride for someone else’s hard work. Envy makes you angry and sad.

If you have an issue with envy, you might want to avoid most social media. Of course you’re going to be envious of manufactured, curated images and stories. I deleted my Facebook primarily because all I used it for was comparing myself to other people. I was comparing someone’s best, that they have fine tuned to appear the way they want, with the full knowledge of the good, bad, and ugly in my life. I can never win that battle, and neither can you.

Envy destroys. It destroys your art practice, your relationships, your self worth. Not one moment of comparing yourself to someone else is well spent.