Stop Stealing My Content

I’m about to get petty, so grab some popcorn.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that another blogger wrote a post with the exact same title as one of mine. No problem here, happens all the time, wondered what they had to say about the subject and checked it out.

This person’s blog post was formatted and written the exact same way as mine, down to the bullet points and the things I talked about. Do you remember having to write a really boring essay in school, finding an article, rewriting it using different words that mean the same thing, and your teacher was none the wiser? Well, that crap stopped being okay in grade school, and it wasn’t even okay then. It’s still plagiarism.

After the first time, I brushed it off and chalked it up to coincidence, even though it obviously was not.

This morning, I decided to see if this person had written any more blog posts. They had. Three more, to be exact. All about topics I’ve covered in my blog. All ripping off the content and format. This time they had the sense to make the titles slightly different.

If you have any doubts that this person is ripping me off, I present a final piece of evidence. All of my blogs in question were posted last year. They very rarely get views anymore. Over the past few weeks, these blogs have been popping up in my stats with one view. I see you.

There’s really nothing I can do. I should let this go. I am going to let this go. But I’m a writer, and writing is how I process my emotions, so here I am. Most of you are writers, and you might be able to relate to this.

This really burns my beans, because I work hard to think of topics to write about. I rack my brain to find something that is just a smidgen unique and might help someone. Plus, I know this person is creative enough and talented enough to come up with their own blog posts without covertly plagiarizing mine.

Has anyone ever ripped off your content? Sound off below. I’m gonna go power walk and listen to EDM to release some of this rage. xoxo