Until We Meet Again

I forgot why I was doing all of this in the first place.

What am I doing? I find myself scouring the internet for some clue on what I need to do to promote, and sell, and get strangers to acknowledge my existence.

Writing advice is stale. There is no more writing advice. Everything has been said about the craft of writing. Unless I find some super amazing writing hack that no one else has written about (I won’t), I’m not posting writing advice anymore.

The time I’ve spent posting content I feel lukewarm about and checking Instagram five thousand times per day could have been spent writing, painting, or doing literally anything else. Anything would have been better, even making necklaces out of my rabbit’s turds.

The past couple of weeks I’ve found social media to be distracting and, for the most part, discouraging. I’ve also had the pleasure of interacting with several lovely people. However, something just hasn’t felt right. I can feel myself trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I’m over-analyzing things I shouldn’t: the number of followers I have, tags, engagement, all that wretched buzzword stuff.

People steal my content, anyway (yes, it happened again, different person, different platform). The reason I don’t name the culprit(s) is I’m really uncomfortable with public shaming. However, my patience is evaporating quickly, and the next person who steals my shit is getting called out.

Another little side note on that, I’ve been thinking, how mad can I really be when people steal the content I’ve been putting out lately? My Instagram posts take ten minutes each at the very most, although I try to say something from the heart. My blog posts don’t take more than a couple of hours. This isn’t my deepest or most original work that people are ripping off, its pretty generic. Instead of getting mad and giving up, I’m going to work deeper. I’m going to produce work that’s so authentically me, that I actually have something worth fighting for if someone tries to steal it.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to promote my book when I publish it, but IDGAF until I actually have a finished product. Maybe I’ll set up a table by the side of the road and throw paperbacks into the bed of pick up trucks as they drive by. That would at least get me in the local paper.

Worrying about all this social media, promotion, and marketing stuff is a great way to procrastinate and get discouraged, eliminating any possibility of success.

Fundamentally, I only need to do two things, create and share my creation. The second action is impossible without the first.

Next time I publish a blog post, it will at the very least be about something I’m passionate about and excited to share with you. If you enjoy my writing even a tiny bit, I appreciate you immensely.