Losing My Mind

Big. Heavy. Sigh.

The end of this week will mark a month since I quit my job.

I want to get another job.

I don’t like the limitless uncertainty. I like the peace of mind that comes from a regular check and good health insurance. I’m a self-proclaimed people hater, but I miss being around people.

I’ve spent my brief unemployment doing a lot of introspection, having a lot of emotional breakdowns, and solidifying what I really want.

I’ve realized that I don’t necessarily hate working, but my previous job did not fit my wants, needs, and values at all. I’ve never liked any of my jobs, but some have been more bearable than others. I have to take more time with my job search, find a position that really fits me, and not just take the first job offer that comes along.

I was tempted to delete my “I quit my job to write” post and pretend I never published it. I decided against that because I have to be honest. Someone may read about my missteps and constant mind-changing, and feel better about themselves, or take comfort in the fact that there is someone as fickle as they are.

I saved enough money to take this whole thing slow, and figure myself out. So, that’s it. I wanted admit I’ve been struggling. Art makes me happy, so that’s what I’ll continue to focus on.

I’m still editing my book. Episode two of Tenacity Prime will be out tomorrow. I’ll be putting up artwork for sale soon.